dir. Jay Roach. First movie during Covid-19 closure. Charlize Theron is spooky good as Megyn Kelly, she captures her perfectly, it’s remarkable. Overall very disappointing, I think the TV miniseries THE LOUDEST VOICE (2019) was a much better telling of the same story, both in filmmaking and mostly performances. Surprisingly Russell Crowe was a far more convincing Roger Aisles than John Lithgow (The TV miniseries also did a much better job showing the complicity and cruelty of the managers that worked under Aisles). The style of Bombshell is all over the place, and I found it irritating, and sucked the emotion from the story, which should be extremely moving. The combination of real and recreated footage, breaking the fourth wall, inner monologue, weird VFX like the Fox News logo — all created a mess, a film that looks stylish, but has no distinct style or personality.