Bombshell (1933)

dir. Victor Fleming. Jean Harlow is Lola Burns, glamorous movie star with a circle of related hangers-on and manipulative movie studio brats. Lola is pushed and pulled by these louts until she has finally had enough. An often very funny screwball comedy, mainly focusing on the relationship between Lola, and the fast-talking studio PR boss,…… Continue reading Bombshell (1933)

Bombshell (2019)

dir. Jay Roach. First movie during Covid-19 closure. Charlize Theron is spooky good as Megyn Kelly, she captures her perfectly, it’s remarkable. Overall very disappointing, I think the TV miniseries THE LOUDEST VOICE (2019) was a much better telling of the same story, both in filmmaking and mostly performances. Surprisingly Russell Crowe was a far…… Continue reading Bombshell (2019)