Swallow (2019)

dir. Carlo Mirabella-Davis. Hunter (Haley Bennett) is a newlywed, living with her husband in a beautiful glass house on the Hudson River in upstate New York. Her wealthy new family are loathsome, and Hunter copes by swallowing inedible objects, later diagnosed as a Pica disorder. A remarkable looking film, for such a difficult subject, their…… Continue reading Swallow (2019)

Extreme Job (극한직업)(2019)

dir. Byeong-heon Lee. An action comedy, about a team of narcotics detectives try and take down a gangster, by renting out a failing fried chicken shop across the road from the gang, knowing the criminals are the only patrons of the shop. The second most successful Korean film in Korean cinema history, surpassed only by…… Continue reading Extreme Job (극한직업)(2019)

Palm Beach (2019)

dir. Rachel Ward. A group of old friends gather to celebrate a birthday, set in a very wealthy part of Sydney, the idyllic suburb of Palm Beach. The location is certainly stunning, but I found the film unsatisfying, and often dull. The story is a slickly presented soap opera, with a complex web of partners,…… Continue reading Palm Beach (2019)

Aladdin (2019)

dir. Guy Ritchie. Local pickpocket falls in love with a Princess, frees a magic Genie, then uses wishes to transform himself into a fictional Prince, to win the heart of the beautiful Princess Jasmine. The Alan Menken songs from the original 1992 animated film are still wonderful, and the two young leads Naomi Scott and…… Continue reading Aladdin (2019)

1917 (2019)

dir. Sam Mendes. Presented as one continuous take. First World War, Northern France, two British soldiers are dispatched on a dangerous mission to deliver orders to stop a planned attack, which would result in up to 1,600 soldiers being killed in a trap. Technically very clever, although I don’t understand what the continuous take does…… Continue reading 1917 (2019)

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (2019)

dir. Joachim Rønning. Just like previous title, I enjoyed this much more than I expected. Where the first film was about Maleficent embracing Aurora as her daughter, this film is about Aurora falling in love, and how that complicates her relationship with Maleficent. Michelle Pfeiffer is perfect as the evil Queen/Mother-in-Law, and Robert Lindsay (who…… Continue reading Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (2019)

Vivarium (2019)

dir. Lorcan Finnegan. Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg, who previously starred together in the excellent black comedy THE ART OF SELF-DEFENSE (2019), play a couple looking for a house, when they become involved in a ‘Black Mirror’ or ‘The Twilight Zone’ type mysterious drama. The core concept becomes pretty tiresome pretty quickly, and feels like…… Continue reading Vivarium (2019)