The Burglar (1957)

Dir. Paul Wendkos. Nat (Dan Duryea) is the head of a small gang of thieves he refers to as ‘the organisation’, including two nervous loudmouth lookouts, and his adoptive sister, Gladden (Jayne Mansfield). Like many of the best heist films, The Burglar is as interested in the consequences of, as the actual mechanics of the…… Continue reading The Burglar (1957)

Nightfall (1956)

Dir. Jacques Tourneur. Aldo Ray is Jim, a freelance commercial artist with a secret. Laying low in Los Angeles, he makes friends with fellow lonely soul Maire (Anne Bancroft), when circumstances conspire to complicate both of their lives. A charming noir mystery, relying heavily on flashback to reveal a series of narrative altering turns. Aldo…… Continue reading Nightfall (1956)

Oh… Rosalinda!! (1955)

Dir. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. A retelling of the Johann Strauss operetta, Die Fledermaus, “brought up-to-date” and set in post-war Vienna, then occupied by the four Allied countries. Many familiar faces for fans of Powell and Pressburger, including the wonderful Anton Walbrook as the black-market operator who puts the entire farce into motion to…… Continue reading Oh… Rosalinda!! (1955)

Johnny Guitar (1954)

Dir. Nicholas Ray. Joan Crawford stars as Vienna, the owner of a saloon on the outskirts of an Arizona border town. Vienna dreams of founding a new community when the railroad makes its way across the landscape and recruits an old flame (Jonny Guitar) to play some tunes, and if trouble comes knocking, to provide…… Continue reading Johnny Guitar (1954)

The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

Dir. Ida Lupino. Two old friends are driving down a southern California highway on a fishing trip, when they pick up stranded hitch-hiker, the shifty looking William Talman. This act of generosity is poorly repaid, as William turns out to be a murderous sociopath on the run from the police, hitchhikin’ and killin’ on his…… Continue reading The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

Affair in Trinidad (1952)

Dir. Vincent Sherman. Rita Hayworth is Chris Emery, dancer, jazz singer and star attraction at the Cari-b Club in Port of Spain, Trinidad. A tragic incident involving her husband draws Chris into the murky world of conspiracy, murder, and espionage. Chris must navigate complicated relationships with law enforcement, extended family, and her well-heeled fans with…… Continue reading Affair in Trinidad (1952)

In a Lonely Place (1950)

Dir. Nicholas Ray. Humphrey Bogart plays Dix Steele, not an overconfident pornographic actor as the name suggests, but a once successful Hollywood screenwriter looking for his next hit. Dix is cursed with possessing both a crime writers’ fascination with the mechanics of murder, and a cruel violent streak that poisons his relationships with his colleagues,…… Continue reading In a Lonely Place (1950)

Bitter Rice (Riso Amaro) (1949)

dir. Giuseppe De Santis. In northern Italy, the annual rice planting and picking season has arrived, and as is tradition, only women with their “small and fast hands” are capable of the backbreaking labour. However, the men are well suited to counting the money, and barking orders. The women start their journey to the rice…… Continue reading Bitter Rice (Riso Amaro) (1949)

Portrait of Jennie (1948)

dir. William Dieterle. During a snowy winter’s night in Central Park, struggling artist Eben Adams (Joseph Cotton) meets Jennie (Jennifer Jones), a young girl playing in the snow. They become friends, with Jennie as his muse, and Eben as her hope for a more promising future. A strange, surrealistic, and very sentimental romance, best watched…… Continue reading Portrait of Jennie (1948)