The Score (2001)

dir. Frank Oz. Set in Montreal, Robert De Niro stars as a high-end thief, teaming up with newcomer Jack (Edward Norton), to take down a big score, organised by middle-man for valuable stolen goods, Max (Marlon Brando). I love a good heist film, and this is so much fun. I was predisposed to enjoy this film, it’s about a charismatic cat burglar who owns a jazz club, and is in a relationship with Angela Basset, and his name is Nick. The only movie where Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando act together, after both playing the same role of Vito Corleone in the Godfather films. Edward Norton is perfectly smug and condescending as the young thief. Robert De Niro and Angela Basset have great chemistry together, it’s very sweet to watch them interact. I love watching De Niro hanging around his jazz club, talking with the staff and drinking whiskey. Brando’s last film, and he’s charming as the dodgy operator, making De Niro laugh.

By Nicholas Hudson-Ellis

Co-Founder & Film Programs Manager of Bangkok Screening Room.

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