dir. Robert Stromberg. Clever concept, retelling the Sleeping Beauty fairytale from the perspective of the “villain”. The movie is at its best when Angelina Jolie is allowed to play the mischievous, diabolical avenging angel, and there are a few of those scenes. I found the geography of the film confusing, with characters seemingly moving in and out of the impenetrable magical forest fortress. The three colorful fairies are super annoying to begin, with oversized heads and high pitched voices. They are much more enjoyable when they transform to a human form, as neglectful, incompetent adoptive parents for Aurora (the luminous Elle Fanning). Too many slow periods and weak performances (especially King Zzz…) to be a great film, but Angelina Jolie is charismatic enough to make it an enjoyable watch, especially during the climax.