Cape Fear (1962)

Dir. J. Lee Thompson. Robert Mitchum stars as the ex-convict Max Cady, released from prison and is single-minded in his torment of the man he blames for his incarceration, humble local prosecutor Sam Bowden (Gregory Peck). Sam must protect his family from this monster, as he struggles to keep his battle for survival within the…… Continue reading Cape Fear (1962)

The Grass is Greener (1960)

Dir. Stanley Donen. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are landed gentry, the Earl and Countess of Rhyall who find themselves in the desperate situation of having to open their country estate to the public and sell mushrooms to maintain their standard of living. One such visitor is the American millionaire Charles Delacro (Robert Mitchum), whose…… Continue reading The Grass is Greener (1960)