Vice (2018)

dir. Adam McKay. Really shows why people called Dick Cheney, Darth Vader during the George W. Bush years. Similar in style to THE BIG SHORT (2015), but not quite as polished, or as funny. It’s fun seeing different actors playing the real life politicians. Christian Bale’s transformation is pretty remarkable. Sam Rockwell is pretty good…… Continue reading Vice (2018)

Game Night (2018)

dir. John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein. Wonderfully inventive action comedy. Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman are charming and hilarious as the hosts of their friend group ‘game nights’ that go suddenly wrong. Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor in ‘Friday Night Lights’) is perfectly smarmy as Jason Bateman’s character’s older brother. Jesse Plemons pretty much steals the…… Continue reading Game Night (2018)

Ladies In Black (2018)

dir. Bruce Beresford. Completely charming, romantic story about the lives of a group of women in 1959 Sydney, Australia – all working in a posh department store. There’s some really wonderful production design, showing 1950s fashions, interior design, as well as architecture, thanks to some very elegant shot blocking, and some special effects. The heart…… Continue reading Ladies In Black (2018)

The Favourite (2018)

dir. Yorgos Lanthimos. What a cast. Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, and Rachel Weisz are all such different styles of actors, but it works so well. Weird and funny, and beautifully filmed. The natural light day scenes, and candle-lit night scenes are more beautiful and enjoyable than anything Kubrick did in BARRY LYNDON (1975). (showing @bkksr this week)