dir. Steven Soderbergh. Gallows humor movie watching. 11 years old but looks so fresh, thanks to Soderbergh’s polished style. The movie sounds so good, amazing beats and instrumental music. Marion Cotillard’s plot line is just as annoying as I remember, I wish that was cut. Laurence Fishburne a wonderful and believable high ranking government official. Kate Winslet is wonderful, Jude Law in infuriating. The fictional disease had a global death toll of 26 million people worldwide. The real world horror we’re facing is not near that, and hopefully never is. Stay safe and stay inside if you can, and wash your hands.


dir. Steven Spielberg. As beautiful as this is, I would still have preferred an 2D animated film in Herge’s “ligne claire” style. By moving a little closer to a HergĂ© style than photo realism, it mostly manages to avoid an uncanny valley effect. I don’t remember Captain Haddock’s drinking problem to be such a big part of the books, and in this movie it gets pretty dark for a family adventure film. The action set pieces are really remarkable, especially the downhill chase for the scrolls. It doesn’t have the charm of the 90s TV series, but creates it’s own distinct style. I wish I had seen this in the cinema. Apparently the sequel is stuck in development hell, I would love to see ‘Prisoners of the Sun’ as a film.