Croupier (1998)

dir. Mike Hodges. Jack Manfred (Clive Owen) is a bad boyfriend, and failed novelist who takes a job at a small casino to pay the rent. I remember this movie being much cooler than it seems today. We follow the story with Jack’s constant interior monologue as he compares his life with the novel he’s…… Continue reading Croupier (1998)

Ronin (1998)

dir. John Frankenheimer. Deirdre (Natascha McElhone) is a mysterious Irish agent who brings together a group of hired guns, including Sam (Robert De Niro) and Vincent (Jean Reno) to steal a special suitcase for unknown reasons. Justifiably famous for the intense car chases, and they are still very intense. These virtuosic car chases are mostly…… Continue reading Ronin (1998)

Rounders (1998)

dir. John Dahl. Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) is a law student and reformed poker player. When old school pal, Worm (Edward Norton) gets out of jail owing money to a loan shark, Mike gets back into high stakes poker to try settle things. Some great scenes, but ultimately unsatisfying in the way the messy plot…… Continue reading Rounders (1998)