Postcards From The Edge (1990)

dir. Mike Nichols. Screenplay by Carrie Fisher, based on her novel. Meryl Streep is Suzanne Vale, an actor getting over a drug problem, who is forced to move back in with famous performer mother (Shirley MacLaine) in order to secure her next acting role. A real delight. Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine are terrific together,…… Continue reading Postcards From The Edge (1990)

Quick Change (1990)

dir. Howard Franklin, Bill Murray. Grimm (Murray), robs a bank dressed as a clown, along with two friends, and spend the day trying to escape from the police. Bill Murray’s only directorial credit, and it’s brilliant. One of my favourite comedy-crime films. Some painfully suspenseful scenes with the semi-competent thieves always on the verge of…… Continue reading Quick Change (1990)

Paris Is Burning (1990)

PARIS IS BURNING (1990) dir. Jennie Livingston. Classic documentary about the ‘Ball’ scene in 1980s New York City, where the LGBTQ community, especially African-Americans and other minorities could celebrate each other through dance, fashion, and music, through runway style competitions. Mostly known for being a behind the scenes look at the origins of ‘Voguing’, the…… Continue reading Paris Is Burning (1990)

The Juniper Tree (1990)

dir. Nietzchka Keene. Spooky and atmospheric, based on a Brothers Grimm tale. Starring a 21 year old Bj√∂rk, in her first feature film performance, also first feature from director Keene. Made by an American director, filmed in Iceland, and spoken in English. I found the Icelandic accent a bit thick sometimes, so watched with English…… Continue reading The Juniper Tree (1990)