Bait (2019)

dir. Mark Jenkin. Gorgeous British film, made with a hand cranked vintage 16mm camera. More unsettling and bitter sweet than expected, but stunning.

Marnie (1964)

dir. Alfred Hitchcock. If it wasn’t a follow-up to Psycho and The Birds, may be more fondly remembered. I loved Tippi Hedren’s performance, and Sean Connery just playing himself is always fun. Diane Baker is amazing, with perhaps the best bob hairstyle ever captured on camera? It’s a shame the restoration done for the Blu-Ray…… Continue reading Marnie (1964)

The Fits (2015)

dir. Anna Rose Holmer. Rewatched by my favourite film of the decade last week. Superb performances from the young cast, and magical soundtrack. Don’t read too much about it before you see it.