dir. Chris Sanders. Based on the 1903 Jack London novel of the same name. The story of a large, good hearted dog named Buck, and his adventures escaping his tormentors, working as part of a pack of sled dogs delivering mail, to being a friend to hard drinking, near hermit, John Thornton (Harrison Ford). Buck is a CGI creation, as are most of the animals in the film. The animation is not quite good enough, landing in the uncanny valley area. The story is proudly sentimental, and is often very sweet. It’s a pleasure watching Harrison Ford with a full beard, in a moth-eaten woollen sweater, panning for gold. The dog, Buck never really develops a personality, which is a shame, especially since the director’s previous films had some wonderful animated creatures, full of personality – ‘Toothless’ in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (2010), and ‘Stitch’ in LILO & STITCH (2002).