THE CRUSH (1993)

dir. Alan Shapiro. Pure 1990s trash. Full of non-intentional comedy, cheesy synth music, and packed with hammy acting. Alicia Silverstone’s first feature film at seventeen, playing a fourteen year old who becomes obsessed with Cary Elwes journalist. Even the wonderful Cary Elwes looks bored, spending most of the movie with his mouth open staring into the middle distance. Apparently the director wrote the film based on a real life experience, and didn’t change the name of the young woman, which sounds like a really shitty thing to do. To avoid legal trouble, they dub over the spoken dialogue to change her name to Adrian, this is very noticeable sometimes, and gives the film an even trashier feel. Only worth seeing to make fun of and laugh at the bad acting and ridiculous plot. Not a great movie to share first names with a main character.